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Diesel Clothing

The designers who create new trends in clothing are the real masters on their field. These maters feel the inner moods of the people, the new generations and what NEW would make their heads turn. A team of such people established “Diesel Clothing”.

Photo by Creative Criminals

Wilber Das joined Diesel Clothing in 1988 as a designer of leather outfits for men and kids and their related accessories. His innovative designs put him in lead for creative ideas. Finally in 1995 he was officially declared “Creative Director” of Diesel Clothing.

Wilbert Das is now handling all product designs and controls the advertising media follow-up and communication campaigns. His responsibilities include all merchandising, planning fashion shows and public event. He is managing Diesel clothing style and images. Besides new brand branching and development like house wares, furniture and automobiles.

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Diesel Jeans

Diesel Clothing Brand needs no introduction today, being well recognized around the World. The favorite clothing brand of all teens and adult teens. Diesel has the ability to, Not to follow the ongoing trends, in fact intend to develop its own style on the streets. It is known as one of the leading market setter brand and has the tendency to represent the most stylish and durable lines. It is known for its ruggedness nature and long life products, which makes its customer, a jeans lover more addicted to brand conscious.

Adding up a lifestyle attitude to you “The Diesel Way”, keep you closer to Diesel products like anything. The Diesel Jeans Reckfly Special 8BK is not an ordinary style available on store nowadays, it suits you more than ever before. As its promotional campaign, the Diesel Clothing Brand has cut down its cost and puts it on sale to make you go with it. Its original price is $270, whereas it is now available only for $99 from the Sale.

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