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How to Spot Fake Diesel Jeans

Fake Diesel Jeans

The consumers and the manufacturers are always complaining on the faked items that flood the market. At times people looking for genuine products at more random places cannot decipher from fakes. This problem has always been there for ages. The only solution to it is Vigilance by the buyer.

Imitation confirms the fact that the products faked are really popular. This may be publicity in disguise. Expensive items using costly materials provide an incentive to unauthorized manufacturers and the retailers to take the risks, legal and moral. The market for jeans is huge and unending.

Diesel Jeans are also much disturbed by this mess as well as their customers. In order to overcome this problem, Diesel Jean manufacturers have launched an awareness programme among their buyers, to do some research when buying jeans. They have made public the different ways by which to distinguish genuine jeans. The faked jeans available in abundance in the market have manufacturing differences. The jeans that are being sold online and on eBay as genuine Diesel Jeans are usually faked. The fabric used is far substandard. The buyers should take caution and take more information on product details before deciding and to avoid being fleeced by fakes.

Reportedly the replica jeans are being made in Asia and exported to other countries.

The materials used are of poor quality but the appearances generally match. This resemblance confuses the customers who buy the counterfeits at high prices. The usual question is why do eBay and other sell this rubbish staff. The market for jeans is tremendous and the less quality conscious people fall in their trap. The famous Brands are quality oriented selling long lasting guaranteed quality stuff. Therefore they cost more. The quality produced from time tested materials cannot be matched by Fakes, selling at bargain prices.

Research to Distinguish

The best safe guard is to buy preferably from Diesel Jeans official dealer. The next closest way is to buy under return warranty and show the sample to Diesel Jeans dealer for verification.

Fabric Quality: Diesel Jeans are made from extremely time tested best quality denim. This denim has a quite smooth elastic feel. The faked ones use low quality thick and rougher denim.

Small Numbers: view the label inside the jean. The size label on the Indian Head, you will see very faint hard to read numbers only on genuine jeans.

Micro Stitching: Look inside the Diesel Jean. The size label says “made in Italy”. When you see below this you will observe a silvery white stitching. This silver stitching reads the word ‘Diesel’. The fakes carry only plain stitch line. You must also remember that genuine jeans made prior to 2003, does not carry the Diesel stitch. The stitch is so small that you may need a magnified glass.

Distress and Rip marks: Diesel Jeans are always hand distressed but the counterfeit ones are created by machines and appear like scratches and rips. This presents a disturbed finish.

Packing: The Diesel jeans are never packed in poly bags of plastic. The faked ones often are.

The fake reproductions are becoming closer in looks but the stuff still remains terrible. As the people are gaining awareness to counterfeits, the fakes are also improving their methods to keep deceiving people.

When buying online check the seller’s feedback, asking for catalogs and exact photos.

Ask for shipping terms carefully. If from Asia then be alert.

When the price is too attractive then for sure it is a fake.

Watch out for a similar deceiving brand ‘Diesel Australia’. Do not be confused by it.

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